Causeway Club Membership


All Facility Membership
Includes full use of the Causeway Club facility.   Unlimited use of Golf Course, unlimited use of Tennis Courts, unlimited use of the Swimming Pool and attendance at all Causeway Club social events

Pool & Tennis Membership
Includes unlimited use of Swimming Pool, unlimited use of Tennis Courts and attendance at all Causeway Club social events.

Golf Membership
Includes unlimited use of Golf Course and attendance at all Causeway Club social events.

Within these categories there are two levels of membership:

  • Standard Family:  An adult member, spouse or two adults of the same sex and all members of the immediate family under 25 years of age residing on the same property.  Immediate family is defined as a child, daughter-in-law or son-in-law.

  • Individual:   One adult with no additional family members


All Facility Standard Family $1890
Individual $1480

Pool & Tennis Standard Family $1665
Individual $1380

Golf Standard Family $1665
Individual $1065

INTRODUCTORY MEMBERSHIP - Want a wonderful welcome to the Causeway club? Come and experience our Club and all it has to offer with an attractive Three Week Membership opportunity. This affords you to the ability to use all of this wonderful club facilities, while meeting fellow members in this special community.  This can only be used once, and we hope you enjoy yourselves and begin the process of becoming full members! The fee for this membership is $390 for an individual or $550 for a family.

To begin the membership processes please call Susan Allen, General Manager at 207-244-7220.   Susan can also be reached by email at:


A membership application form may be downloaded in PDF format.

The Causeway Club is one of the jewels of the Southwest Harbor area!

We joined when our daughters were young and over the years enjoyed watching them make lifelong friends and memories while learning and enhancing important skills. Now they, too, are members and we have the pleasure of seeing our grandchildren using the club while repeating the pattern of making meaningful friendships as they participate in club activities.

- Ed and Martie Samek, Causeway Club members