Club Presidents



1922-1924  Walter S Mcinnes

1925-1926  E Rogers Underwood

1927-1928  Frederick A Farrar

1929-1931  Walter H Buell

1932-1934  Loren BT Johnson

1934-1935  William Earl Clark, MD

1936-1937  John Tyssowski

1938-1939  Milo W Wilder Jr

1940  Kenneth S Usher

1941-1942  Albert N Lucas

1943-1944  William J Miller

1945  William Earl Clark MD

1946-1947  Richard E Rowse

1948-1949  Percy R Ziegler

1950-1951  Frank C Roberts Jr

1952 Charles T Thompson

1953-1954  John Tyssowski

1955-1958  Florence Newton

1959-1960  Norton Downs

1961-1965  Alfred Zantzinger

1966-1968  Sanford Cousins

1969-1972  Robert EL Johnson

1973-1974  Benjamin B Hinckley Jr

1975  ADM J Lockwood Pratt

1976-1977  Roscoe C Ingalls Jr

1977-1978  Benjamin B Hinckley Jr

1978-1980  Anne Gartner

1980-1982  Nelson L North

1982-1985  George T Vose

1985-1987  Edward A Brown III

1988-1989  John Longmaid

1990-1991  Ray Hicks

1992-1993  Richard E Rowse II

1994-1996  Patricia C Waters

1997-1998  Samuel M Fox III MD

1999-2000  H Lee Judd

2001-2003  Clare F Shepley

2004-2005  Ulla Norris

2006-2007  William Eason

2008-2009  Ronald Scott

2010-2011  Gordon Haaland

2012-2013  Michael Cook

2014-2015  John T Roberts Jr

2016 Susan Reiff Allen 

2017 Dave Gallitano





The Causeway Club is one of the jewels of the Southwest Harbor area!

We joined when our daughters were young and over the years enjoyed watching them make lifelong friends and memories while learning and enhancing important skills. Now they, too, are members and we have the pleasure of seeing our grandchildren using the club while repeating the pattern of making meaningful friendships as they participate in club activities.

- Ed and Martie Samek, Causeway Club members